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Written by webmacher   

Recently an incredibly innovative program was facilitated by Lynne McTaggart, journalist, lecturer, author and publisher. The Middle Eastern Peace Intention Experiment ran on November 9, 2017, and it was truly a historic event. It encompassed nine screens displaying people from all over the Middle East - Arabs and Israelis - for the first time. By some amazing fortuitous synchronicity, this experiment was held during the time that Dr. Salah Al-Rashed was running a Middle Eastern summit from his studios in southern England. There he has created a studio with the extraordinary capacity to beam out a teacher or facilitator to eight different screens. He had audiences in hotel rooms in eight countries - including several cities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait City, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain Tunisia - plus an audience of Jews in Israel. All this was beamed to all other participants from all over the world, watching on Lynne McTaggart's YouTube channel. 

All of the participants came together to send intention to the Old City of Jerusalem, which has four sections - Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Armenia. It's a symbolic gesture of peace because it is a place that truly belongs to the entire world. The program's leaders chose Damascus Gate because it has suffered increased violence after new security measures were put in place. Many of the participants cried during the event, but the most amazing part of all was what happened afterward. Through the ingenuity of Dr. Al-Rashed's technical team, each group from the different countries was able to speak to the facilitator and to the people in the other eight windows. This was more than a historic first, as many Arabs and Israelis had never seen images of each other before, let alone had an opportunity to communicate. Their only knowledge of 'the other' was what the politicians and the press have fed them. 

Arabs from Saudi Arabia sent love to the Jews in the audience in Jerusalem. An Israeli woman there sent love back and said it was high time the women from all countries got together. 'Your God is my God,' said an Arab from Abu Dhabi. People on both sides were crying and laughing as they recognized the common humanity in each other. 

This program proved one simple truism. To solve a seemingly intractable political situation, you don't need politicians. You don't need violence or guns. All you need is people coming together as a group and praying as one. 

For more information about this program and Lynne McTaggart's work, go to .

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