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The mission of HudsonJewish is to nurture and support Jewish life in Hudson County, NJ, which has been rediscovered in the early 21st century by a new wave of Jewish arrivals to the area. Learn more about our local community and our innovative efforts to connect its diverse people and groups, by exploring this website. Join our Facebook Group by clicking here . Click here to see a great example of the revitalized Jewish community.

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Dear Friends:   

This week proved to be a difficult and challenging one for Hudson County. A terrible train accident in the Hoboken Train Terminal on Thursday of this week, cost a 34 year old Hoboken woman her life and injured dozens of other people. Occurring at the height of the morning rush hour commute, we all were stunned, knowing that it could have been any or all of us on any weekday morning. Stories began to pour in via email and social media about people who would normally have been at that spot at that time, but for some unexplainable reason were not. Rabbi Abe Unger of Ohav Zedek in Bayonne, who posted on Facebook about how he went to hang up a sign about his synagogue's upcoming Rosh Hashanah programs was delayed form his normal commute time and therefore avoided being in the terminal at that moment. Another woman told of how she had just started a new job days before in NYC, and otherwise would have been riding her bicycle through the terminal on her way to her previous job in Jersey City, as she had done every weekday morning for years. Several people shared how they had chosen for some inexplicable reason to drive to work that morning instead of taking their usual train. I am sure there are many other stories about those who are incredibly grateful not to have been injured or worse, when they detoured by even a few moments from their normal morning routine. 

It is easy to think of these occurrences as coincidence, luck, or fate, but especially at this holiest time of year right before the Jewish High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and then Yom Kippur, it is certainly something more. I'd like to think it was divine intervention ("Hashgacha Pratit) that not more people were in that particular place at that specific time, and that despite the loss of life and the large number of injuries, it could have been so much more severe. It is the time of year to reflect, and I'm sure most of us can find something in this recent tragedy to be thankful for. Whichever synagogue you select to attend High Holiday services, it is likely that this topic will be spoken about with sadness for those who were affected and gratitude for those who narrowly missed being a part of the disaster. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will certainly be even more important in our local community this year than in recent ones. 

As a reminder, most of our local synagogues do offer free or low-cost tickets for singles, couples, families, and children, so be sure to check the Directory of synagogues at and contact the synagogue of your choice now to reserve your tickets. For those new to the community, you may obtain free tickets through JFNNJ's EZ Key Free High Holiday ticket program (Yom Kippur ticket requests must be processed by 4pm on Monday, October 10th) at

Finally, thanks to all those who stopped by for a schmooze at the HudsonJewish booth at last Sunday's Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. We enjoyed talking to old friends and loved meeting new ones, and we are thrilled to welcome several new subscribers to our monthly e-newsletter. 

Wishing you and your families a safe, spiritually fulfilling, and serene New Year!


Michelle Levine, Chairperson 
Hudson Jewish Community Forum, A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation having 501(c)(3) status
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If you are interested in helping to lead this group (location is already confirmed), please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  .


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