From Canada to...Jersey City!
Written by Neil Davis   

neil_davis.jpgIt’s been nearly five years since I first arrived in Jersey City, and it’s incredible to see how things are developing!  When I first arrived here, there were a few surviving synagogues, but very little enthusiasm or optimism for the future of Jewish life in the area.  Now, in 2008, and thanks largely to the efforts of HudsonJewish, Jewish life in Jersey City and the surrounding area is alive, well, and thriving!

I wasn’t raised here; like many young Jews who have recently bought or rented local real estate, I am a proud implant.  I was born in raised in Montreal (yes, I’m a Canadian, eh), and then went to medical school in Israel for four years before getting a residency in pathology here in New Jersey.  My arrival in Jersey City was largely accidental – I was working in suburban NJ but really wanted to live in Manhattan, and so I opened a map and looked for a place that was as close to the city as possible, but which would make life affordable and allow me to keep my car.  Jersey City seemed like an excellent choice, and it was.  My residency training has since come and gone (I am now working in the city), but I am still living here in JC and have just bought a condo.  I love my neighbors, I love my friends who I’ve met through various Jewish community functions (most of whom, like me, also arrived here with no particular Jewish community affiliation), and I love my stone’s-throw-from-Manhattan-but-still-affordable-because-it’s-Jersey lifestyle.

If you have any questions about life in Jersey City, feel free to contact me!  You can reach me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .  I look forward to meeting you at our next wine tasting, dinner, cultural event, or maybe just walking down the street.